Sunday, April 27, 2008

DH I'd like to see 

With Greg Norton breaking out a big game yesterday, and the blogosphere pushing hard for Jeff Clement, it seems like everyone is talking about improving the M's DH productivity.

We know that Greg Norton is not a long-term answer, but I agree that he is an improvement on the reanimated corpse of Jose Vidro.

I just wanted to throw another name out there for a part time DH candidate who should be available on the cheap.

Russell Branyan.

Yes, that Russell Branyan. He is currently sporting a 406/465/734 line for the Brewers AAA Omaha affiliate. He epitomizes the Three True Outcome hitter, and his power/lefthandedness would be a great fit for Safeco field. He is Norton with pop, and could spell Beltre, Ibanez, Wilkerson, or Sexson with much more possibility for scoring than Willie Bloomquist. Heck, Richie could take nights off and we wouldn't be able to tell!

That's my vote for a short term solution at DH and the bench.

Then, in June, bring up Clement and Wlad, when the M's are ready to give them every day playing time.

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