Sunday, August 19, 2007

On Felix, Batista, and... Santana? 

Great article from Shannon Drayer on how Miguel Batista is helping out Felix Hernandez.

The article ends with this quote from Batista:
“This is how a veteran player can make an easier life for a young player. I wish I had that person when I was younger. I wish I would have had that opportunity with people taking the time, but I ended up doing it on my own, because I was very curious. I asked the biggest superstars in the game, picked their brains about what was pitching. I knew it wasn’t hard work because nobody worked harder when I was little. I would work 12 months a year. Work here then play winter ball. The training was exhausting. Then a veteran finally told me it is not how much you work, you can do too much.

With him it will be interesting to see how much he can learn. I believe what we all want him to do is make him understand some things about pitching so when he gets to be twenty five he can be a phenom not because of his ability but because of how he uses it.”
And today, Larry Stone chimes in with the ultimate dream: Johan Santana joining the M's. Johan Santana is entering his final year with the Twins and has already voiced his displeasure that he hasn't been traded yet. He proposes the M's go after Santana with everything they've got (short of Felix) to create the greatest 1-2 tandem in the game.

Adam Jones + Jeff Clement + Brandon Morrow + Ryan Feierabend for a 1-year rental on Santana.

I do it in a heartbeat. Given the M's lineup is primarily built for today, and that we have blocked the two hitters here with Ichiro and Johjima which reduces their value to us. But with the Twins looking at Torii Hunter's impending free agency, they could use Jones in CF and also deal Hunter, and acquire enough young talent to build around for another 5 years of winning.

The M's then feature a rotation of Santana, Felix, Batista, Washburn and Weaver or some other #5 starter, and are the favorites for the AL West, if not the World Series, from March on. The M's have the money to sign Santana long-term as well, so it may not be just a rent-a-player.

Dare to dream...

Dare to dream...

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