Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm a Weaver Believer 

If Mr. Weaver keeps pitching like this, and in general, how he has since his DL trip, then $8M might be a bargain to keep him for 2008. Perhaps we should look at extending his contract now.

After surviving a near home run in the first, Weaver settled into a groove that earned him a 115 pitch, 83 strike shutout. Yes, introducing Jeff Weaver, the major league leader in shutouts.

Weaver's stats since June 9 are downright sweet...

IP: 77
H: 77
HR: 6
K: 43
BB: 17
ER: 27

ERA = 3.15
WHIP = 1.22
K/9 = 5.0
K/BB = 2.5
HR/9 = 0.70

The K/9 is mildly disappointing, and until it can get back over 6 it looks unsustainable, but its headed in the right direction. Today's 8 K outing looks like a more dominant pitcher. And if he gets the K rate up and keeps the HR rate down, this is the profile of a dominant pitcher, and someone who I look forward to seeing pitch in a Mariner uniform in October.

In May, I never would have believed it possible, but count me in now as a Weaver Believer.

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