Monday, July 02, 2007

A Nice Welcome Home 

I come home from a three-day weekend visiting Boston for the first time (but skipping the $250 scalped Fenway tickets unfortunately) and at 3 in the morning turn on my XM radio and hear the fantastic news.

The Mariners won their eighth straight AND Mike Hargrove has quit.

My wife can attest to the happy dance I did in the empty airport parking lot that woke her back up.

Mike Hargrove did a few good things, and I wish him well in retirement.

But I'm really looking forward to a Groverless future for the Mariners. I look for the team to continue its winning ways, and maybe we'll see a little more bench usage and an opening for Adam Jones and maybe Jose Vidro will find his way to the bench where he belongs.

Maybe not, but for today at least, there is fresh hope that the M's will be managed with less bunting more use of our depth and rest for our regulars. The M's have won eight straight and are playing fantastic baseball, and have room still to get even better. Baseball is fun to watch and follow. Any games the M's are close in you feel they can win.

Life is good. Enjoy!

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