Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lets Play Two! 

Yes the M's are slumping and have now lost three straight games, each of which threatens to be more disappointing to the last.

But the Angels are on the skids too, so we remain just two games back in the AL West.

And best of all, I've got tickets to see the M's play a real life genuine not day-night doubleheader! From the 3rd row behind the Rangers dugout no less!

So I'm leaving work early and road tripping to Arlington for the 4pm start time which I would never dream of doing in any other Texas July, but this year, the high should only be 92-94, instead of 107.

The Ballpark in Arlington, or whatever its called now, has a lot more character than the old Arlington Stadium, but its still unbearably hot in the summer. For that reason, kudos to the Rangers for not attempting to torture its fans with a 1pm start time and making this into a day-night affair. Instead of a day game with 10,000 fans, the Rangers may have their last chance of 2007 to sell out their stadium to a non-Yankees/Red Sox crowd by providing actual value.

And while you are sitting in the beautiful Seattle summer, think of us Mariner fans who will be sweating hard within Ranger Nation, cheering on your Mariners to a sweep!

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