Monday, June 04, 2007


One Kenny Lofton age-defying play away from a four game sweep over the hapless Rangers, and the M's find themselves over the hump at three games over .500, but still 5 1/2 games behind the white-hot Angels.

And now, according to multiple sources, the Mariners are going to send Ryan Feierabend back to Tacoma so that we may once again enjoy the meatball stylings of Jeffy Weaver, after Jeffy has spit in the face of the organization paying him $8 million by refusing to show he has the ability to get AAA batters out.


So how many starts will Jeffy have to blow before the M's show him out the door. How much better will Jeffy be than Feierabend showed. Here are Feierabend's two starts.

6.2 IP - 4 ER
7.1 IP - 4 ER

Here are Jeffy's starts for 2007
2 IP - 7 ER
6 IP - 7 ER (best start of the year!)
3 IP - 3 ER
0.1 IP - 6 ER (against Kansas City!)
5.2 IP - 6 ER
5 IP - 6 ER

6 starts, 6 losses, and 6 hangdog walks back to the dugout.

I guess the M's are hoping for a turnaround like Jeffy had in 2006. Here are Jeffy's ERA for each month in 2006.
April: 7.48, May: 5.97, June: 5.47. At this point the Angels gave up on the 3-10 Jeffy and sent him to the Cardinals to try his hand with the NL.
July: 6.46, August: 5.67, Sept: 4.15, Oct: 2.43

So, all we have to do is survive three more months of the lousy Jeffy pitching, and we can dream of him leading us to October glory. If Jeffy throws three months of 5.00 ERA (wouldn't that be amazing!), who thinks we will give him the ball in game four of the ALDS?

Why are we even wasting our time with this guy? Are we hoping that he puts up two great starts and somehow we can trade him to the Yankees? Or is the concern that if Feierabend were to falter (not sure how this organization defines falter if it isn't a picture of Jeffy Weaver), that Jorge Campillo couldn't show up and through up a 5.00 ERA?

Jeffy has the veteran status that allows him to turn down a rehab start. It just disgusts me that he did. Its not like he has to travel on a bus - its just a start or two in Tacoma. Show that he can get AAA hitters out so that we have some reason to play him. But since he did turn down the rehab start, there is no reason we can't banish him to the bullpen, and only allow him to pitch if the M's are already down 8 runs in a game. Or maybe we can take a cue from Pinella's Cubs and let Jeffy get into a fight with Kenji that would leave Weaver with a longer DL stint?

I hope the M's are smart enough to at least keep Feierabend on the roster, because if Jeffy starts on Friday, we are going to need a long reliever.

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