Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Two Out Rally 

Ya gotta love the two out rally in the 8th. Down by a run, closer looming in the ninth, and the first two hitters look pathetic.

Yuni gets it started with a single, and Willie delivers a solid single. Than Jose Vidro comes off the bench with a clutch pinch-hit single to tie the game. Ichiro gives us the lead with an opposite field double, and Jose Lopez finishes the rally with an opposite field shot of his own.

A 4-3 defeat turns into a sweet 7-4 victory... beautiful.

On a night when the King was still nowhere to be found, the M's got to explore the new territory of 4 games over .500 on the back of their offense, which chipped away for a run here and there until the decisive 8th.

I love the look of the offense with Lopez in the 2-hole. I think the M's need to stick to this lineup for awhile. Moving Kenji to the cleanup spot and moving Ibanez down the ladder would be welcome changes as well. I could easily see Broussard getting to enjoy more fielding adventures in left field if Raul's power drought continues.

But the offense is totally gelling. They are a relentless attack 1-9, and our only holes seem to be our biggest bats who can still drill a mistake a long way.

The key to 2007 will be the pitching. We need the King to return, and I've no doubt that he will, but it may be 2 or 3 starts away. But I think once he returns it will be to stay. As the offense clicks, you can see Batista getting more comfortable. Baek has been a welcome surprise, and Washburn looks smooth.

Finding a true #2 stud would go along way from turning this team from a team that is scratching for a chance to lose in the first round of the playoffs to a team that is ALCS bound. Jeffy Weaver gets his chance to re-audition for the role this weekend, but lets just say I'm not holding my breath.

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