Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Streaking Time! 

Readers of the Optimist know my fascination with the winning streak, and my obsession with the 5-game winning streak.

For the third time this season, the M's have won 4 in a row. And despite Jeffy looming on the horizon, they face a stretch of schedule that traditionally has afforded the M's their best winning streaks as Interleague Play looms!!!

The next five games look pretty tough...
1 vs Baltimore (Daniel Cabrera looks tough, but all we need to do is get to the bullpen)
3 vs San Diego (Germano/Wells/Young vs Batista/Weaver/King(?) could be troublesome)
1 vs Cleveland (Ouch!!! No rest for the weary as our travel day from San Diego is lost to a snow makeup with a tough Indians squad)

But then the fun begins with a tour of the joke that is the NL Central. Look at this upcoming schedule and try not to drool...
3 at Wrigley against Lou's Cubbies
3 at Houston against the slumping Astros
An OFF DAY - Wow, who woulda thunk it!
3 against Pittsburgh
3 against Griffey's Reds

By the time Boston arrives in Seattle on June 25th, the Mariners could be 10 or 12 games over .500 and maybe even ESPN will notice! Okay, maybe not.

Unfortunately, the Angels are likely to keep pace or better it, as you just substitute the Dodgers for the Padres and the Cardinals for the Cubs and take out the horrible makeup game at Cleveland. And when Boston come a calling to Safeco at the end of the month, the Angels will be enjoying a leisurely tour through the Royals and Rangers.

Oakland, meanwhile, suffers by the schedulemakers this year. Instead of the Cubs or Pirates, the A's get to enjoy a three game trip to Shea. Unfairness, thy name is Unbalanced Schedule!

So, the M's MUST stay hot through the month of June just to keep the Angels in their sights, but their is certainly a shot of putting some daylight between themselves and the A's.

Tonight is the chance to collect the always tough 5 game win streak and there may be longer streaks just around the corner!

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