Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Poor Raul 

Remember the movie Parenthood, where Steve Martin's kid can't catch a ball, and so the star player on the team ranges from shortstop to right field to try to catch a ball in front of him?

Raul Ibanez lived that moment twice tonight in left field.

The first time, a routine flyball to left and all of a sudden, there is Ichiro, with time to run over from centerfield while Raul just stood there thrilled that the team star came over to bail him out.

Then, in the 8th inning he gets up the gumption to call for a short hit ball but Yuni isgnores him and barely avoids the collision.

I can just hear it now...

Yuni: "Move a little toward the line, Raul!"
Raul: "Is this good?"
Ichiro: "Keep going..."
Raul: "How about now"
Willie B: "A little further toward the line..."
Yuni: "Actually Willie, you could move over toward the line as well"
Raul: "How about now"
Ichiro: "Now, just get over that wall there"
Raul: "In the stands?!?"
Yuni: "Perfect! Willie, why don't you go get Raul a coke, we've got this side covered."
Willie: "Awwww maaaann, you guys never let me play"

Actually, it seems kind of strange that Ichiro has the time to field a ball hit right at Raul, but several times in this series I see balls hit to deep right center and the only person I see in the picture is Jose Guillen as the ball bounces on the warning track and over for a ground rule double.

Perhaps Ichiro needs to shade just a little bit more to right field?

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