Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Please make it stop... 

Kellie Pickler not only butchers Take me out to the Ballgame, but then we get to hear her in the Cubs booth the next half inning.

Gems like...

"I almost said 'Apple Jacks' instead of 'Cracker Jacks'. Is that a cereal?"

"I love all these fa-a-ans. They are so loyal."

"Is that the outfield? I'd like to go camping out there."

"I don't even know what day of the week it is right now"

"I do like Cracker Jacks better than Apple Jacks. You gotta have milk with that. They don't sell milk at baseball games, do they?"

I could feel my IQ dropping just listening to her smalltown country charm. I live in Texas, and I've never heard anyone sound so hick unless it was a young coed who could turn "drunk" into three syllables when saying "I'm soooooo dru-u-unk!"

The Cubs broadcast is an interesting contrast in styles to a Mariner broadcast. The M's are about baseball or else about Dave Niehaus. Not so the Cubs. The cameraman apparently gets paid by how many crowd shots he squeezes into the broadcast. For the first six innings, they average two crowd shots for every at bat, and I am not exagerrating. And where the M's broadcasters would feel compelled to make some comment about each darling 3-year-old captured by camera ("there's a happy fan"), the Cubs announcers never say a word.

The Cubs are selling the ballpark experience. All shots of fans are kids having fun, couples in love, or the elderly filling out their scoresheets. Of course, they also include the voyeuristic thrill of spotting a hot babe, zooming in on their cleavage, and then looking away before they notice.

And once you notice this feature of a Cubs broadcast, it is all you notice. Very few times do you go more than two pitches without a fan shot. Its pretty distracting.

In the baseball game, strange decision by Grover to pull Washburn after six innings and only 94 pitches. Considering he has more RBI than Jason Ellison all year (or at least it feels this way). With no one out, I think Washburn coulda laid down a bunt, and stayed in to give our tired bullpen an extra inning or two of rest.

Then to have Morrow and Sherrill up and throwing in the 8th, but to let Sean Green throw to Derrek Lee seems like a bad plan...

M's up 3-2 in the 8th, but not having a good feeling about Green against the Cubs in the 8th.

Go M's!!!

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