Wednesday, June 13, 2007

M's Fail to Consolidate The Break 

When you play tennis and you break your opponents serve, it doesn't count (okay, unless you broke at 5-6), if you don't hold your own serve in turn. You'll hear Johnny Mac calling this "consolidating the break."

Well, tonight, the M's failed to consolidate the break they earned in a 13-inning marathon last night when Yuniesky Betancourt's botched throw allowed one Little Lord Fontleroy to deliver a 2-out bases loaded single and the M's could not mount a rally in a 3-2 loss.

Combined with the A's and Angels winning, and the M's are just back on serve for this road trip, despite a stellar 5-1 record on the trip. The good news is that the bullpen got some much needed rest heading into Jeff Weaver's early morning start tomorrow. Maybe this will be the time for Jeffy to give the M's his first quality start.

That would be a break of a whole other level.

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