Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jeff Weaver!!!! 

In an attempt to turn the fortunes of Jeff Weaver around, I picked up the free agent and gave him the start tonight for my fledgling franchise in the D-O-V Smackdown Fantasy baseball league

Suffice to say that Weaver's performance has exceeded my wildest dreams! This is what facing the Pirates (and Astros and Cubs for that matter) is supposed to do for your pitcher and your team!

He retired 16 in a row from the 3rd inning pickoff until a 2-out double in the eighth. A four pitch walk and a 1-out double (did you see Ibanez hustle to maintain the shutout?) looked to be the end, but Weaver induced popup after popup and got Jason Bay to flare out to Betancourt to get a COMPLETE GAME SHUTOUT!!!

Standing ovation to you, Jeff Weaver!!! Who woulda thunkit?!?!!

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