Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jeff Weaver Rocks!!! 

Jeff, I'm sorry.

You have the ability to hold a lousy NL lineup (Struggling Soriano, Derrek Lee and not much else) to just no runs in five wonderful innings. I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

What had all the makings of a disaster turned into a quality start and a Mariners win as Jeff Weaver goes 6 innings, and only gives up three first inning runs on ten hits, with one walk and even two strikeouts thrown in.

Jeff put 2 baserunners on with just one out in both the third and sixth innings, but worked out of the third with a double play grounder from Mark DeRosa, and out of the sixth with pop ups from Jacque Jones and Alfonso Soriano.

But that's only half the story.

Jeff Weaver woke up the offense by getting plunked in the top of the sixth inning. At this point, Weaver became just the Mariners second baserunner of the game. But the fact that he hit Jeff Weaver seemed to completely unravel the Cubs defense and Jason Marquis, who followed the plunking of the Weaver with walks to Ichiro and Guillen sandwiching a run-scoring error on Mark DeRosa. Then Marquis surrenders the M's second hit of the game and its a bases-clearing double from Rauuuullllll Ibanez.

Following that inning up by NOT imploding even though he gave up a couple of singles earned Weaver his first win of 2007 and an apology from me.

It may be ugly, but you can win a LOT of games in front of this Mariner offense by giving up 3 runs or less over 6 innings. Seven would be better for our bullpen, but that's quibbling. Maybe now the offense will start scoring earlier and more often with Jeff now that he has taken one for the team.

Unfortunately for Jeff, Brandon Morrow has decided that Weaver and the M's DON'T deserve the win and given back two runs (and maybe more to come) to the Cubs. Keep your head up, Jeff!

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