Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hargrove Had a Plan 

After yelling at the TV to get Sean Green out of there at the START of the 8th inning, and cursing each successive hit (though to be fair, Green struck out the last batter he faced but the horribly inconsistent home plate ump did not agree), I've calmed down a bit. I now see Hargrove's plan.

He wanted Green to face three batters just so he could use Morrow & Sherrill to perfection against Pinella's Cubs. Working the right Morrow to walk Cubs best pinch-hitter lefty Cliff Floyd before inducing a right-handed tapper to force the out at home.

In comes Sherrill to face "Prince" Felix Pie who's only move at the plate was to repeatedly suck in his stomach in hopes of fooling the home plate umpire. The ump calls two strikes balls, but on the pivotal 3-2 pitch, blue comes to his senses and Pie sits down. Then Sherrill sits down little Lord Fonteroy in similar manner to get out of the bases loaded, none out jam.

This now sets the M's up to win the game by one run in their final at-bat, keeping an improbable streak alive.

Hargrove is getty cocky. He doesn't just want to win. He wants to win with style.

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