Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dream Job 

Went to find more information about MLB Advanced Media’s Pitch F/X system that Dave at USS Mariner has been posting data from, and the second link was to Monster.com, who is partnering with Major League Baseball to find people to attend games and provide these statistics. If that's not a Dream Job, I don't know what is. Since I don't live anywhere near a baseball park, it will not be my Dream Job, but maybe it can be yours.

This Monster Link will send you to three possible careers:

Stats Stringer - Score MLB games from the press box.
Sports Reporter - Cover live MLB games across the country, as well as MLB news of the day off the field.
Pitch f/x Operator - Track every pitch for television, Internet and stadium video production.

Yes, you could become the MLB statistics keeper for the Seattle Mariners. I clicked on "Stats Stringer", which was posted June 1, and the listing shows:

Stats Stringer:
MLB.com, the Official Site of Major League Baseball, is seeking stats stringers for the 2007 season. Stats stringers are responsible for digitally scoring games from one of the 30 MLB ballparks, which provides the live data used on MLB.com in our award winning applications, including MLB.com Gameday. This is a perfect part-time job for a diligent, responsible employee who happens to be a big baseball fan.

Responsibilities include:
- Arrive at the ballpark no later than one hour prior to the scheduled start time;
- Double-check and verify all pre-game information: rosters, umpires, weather conditions, etc.;
- During the game, enter the results of every pitch and game event (plays, substitutions, etc.) using our proprietary software and coding language;
- Work closely with our game-night support staff (via instant messenger) to ensure proper scoring of all game events and accuracy of data;
- After the game, enter all post-game information: winning and losing pitcher, saves, holds, time and attendance
- Validate all stats in software box score against the official box score provided by the Official Scorer, and print out a final box score and game text for the club PR staff

Qualifications include:
- Exceptional (and demonstrable) knowledge of baseball and how to score a baseball game;
- Strong computer proficiency (Windows OS and Windows-based software) and the ability to quickly learn and operate new software;
- Regular availability to attend games in-person nights and weekends;
- A "team player" with a great attitude, including but not limited to a willingness to make and learn from mistakes and the ability to work closely and cooperatively (and take direction from) our game-night staff;
- Professionalism. It's a fun job and we pay people to watch baseball, but it's also an important job and we want people who will take the responsibility seriously.

Note: Stats stringer job openings are subject to business requirements, and, as such, MLB.com positions may not be available with respect to all MLB teams. Only applicants that apply online will be considered. No phone calls please.

Man, I want this job. Good luck!

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