Sunday, June 17, 2007

Best Laid Plans... 

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there! My Father's Day gift was supposed to be a road trip to Houston to see the Mariners in beautiful Minute Maid Park. Unfortunately, those plans were laid to waste by a piece of metal edging in a neighbor's yard. Last night my eight-year old son, Connor, got a visit to the emergency room thanks to the meeting of said edging and bare feet as a game of tag took a turn for the ugly.

Seven stitches and one poor night of sleep later, the road trip for Kelly, me and the three kids has turned into a more laid back day. Connor wasn't able to walk this morning so Father's Day has turned a bit into Cheer up Connor Day. And tomorrow's planned birthday party for newly 8 Connor and his newly 10 sister Samantha has become challenging as well, as a stitched up foot is not supposed to get wet, but we cleverly planned a pool party.

So instead, we just got back from watching Shrek 3, which I HIGHLY recommend for any parents out there. An amazing amount of grown up humor thrown in there while the kids aren't looking and so once again Dreamworks has made a kids movie that is enjoyable for the parents as well.

After the movie, Connor was able to hobble out of there, so he's up and moving again, and he's catching a nap before we get ready to watch the M's take on Roy Oswalt on FoxSports instead of up close and personal. And more good news is that we won't miss any of the Rice-North Carolina tilt tonight! Go Owls!

Its nice that the M's right now are just the appetizer of our sports day, as its hard to have confidence in this team today as they are coming off their fourth straight loss, facing the Astros ace, and the team sounds tired. Its unfortunate that the last four days have undone much of the good of the last two weeks. But a month ago, I would have been happy to be five games over .500, so I'm gonna choose to be happy.

We need to get Beltre back in the lineup, Lopez back into the two spot, and our top two pitchers to pitch well again. That starts today with Jarrod Washburn who could provide the team a huge boost by putting them on his back, and carry them to a win that will make Monday's well deserved day off much more relaxing.

So lets get ready to enjoy our Mariners on Father's Day, and see if they can surprise us by once again taking a good pitcher to the woodshed. Mix in a little US Open golf and Rice battling in the CWS, and it may turn out to be my best Father's Day yet, even without Ichiro's autograph. Go M's, Tiger, Owls!!!

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