Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weaver on the Horizon? 

From Rotoworld:
Jeff Weaver, on the DL since May 11 because of tendinitis in his shoulder, threw close to 70 pitches over four innings in a simulated game Tuesday.
Weaver hopes to return this weekend without making a rehab start first. If he gets his wish, then it will be one and done for Ryan Feierabend.
This "simulated" game is too close to reality for me as it still is taking Weaver 70 pitches to get through four innings. I'm guessing his line looked something like 4 IP, 9 H, 1 BB, 2 K, 7 ER against a lineup of 9 Willie Bloomquists.

Can't wait for his return. I think I'll go claim him in the D-O-V Smackdown League tonight just to enjoy the mockery, and to ensure my leaguemates think I'm an easy mark.

Honestly, I'm hoping that Weaver has figured out whatever is wrong (or that *wink,wink* he has healed) and if he returns to the big leagues, its because he has proven that he remembers how to pitch like he was a World Series hero, and not the pathetic sod we saw put up an impressive (is depressive a word?) string of 6 losses in 6 starts . The optimist in me hopes that he still has the ability to get major league hitters out, because it would be great to get the good Jeff Weaver that has been unicorn-rare since he last wore a Tiger uniform.

I'm hoping that this little press release was engineered by Jeffy and his agent, as I can't imagine that the M's brass want to repeat Dream Weaver's April without being able to point to some stellar AAA outings as proof that he can do anything other than hurt the M's.

Cuz if the M's bring Weaver back to pitch in a Seattle uniform and he looks like he did in April, then heads deserve to roll in the M's front office. Fool me once... Personally, I'm hoping that Feierabend pitches so well tonight that it gives the M's the time to leisurely evaluate Jeff with 30 days of AAA rehab starts that better include at least one where he throws six shutout innings.

Or at least where he gives up fewer runs than innings pitched, right?

Update: Here is the link to Geoff Baker's blog where the story probably originated.

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