Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Funk Bruthers 

It seems as if the Mariners have the newest pair of Bash Brothers. Only there are no steroids involved with this slugging tandem. Instead, they just support each other in that any game where one homers, the other feels obligated to homer as well.

Last night marked the third time this season when Kenji Johjima and Jose Lopez would crush home runs in the same game, and all three times, the Mariners have won.

Being that 2007 is the year of the Funk Blast, we'll drop the Bash moniker, and instead dub Kenji Johjima and Jose Lopez, the Funk Bruthers.

Remember April 25th? 2-0 win against Oakland with a game winning blast from Kenji Johjima. The next night, Lopez homers in 4-2 win to complete the sweep of the hated A's.

The next day, the Funk Bruthers got in sync as they would both homer in a 7-4 win against the Royals.

A week later, they would both homer in the May 4th 15-11 thrashing of the Yankees.

Kenji would slip in a home run on Friday's 3-0 win over the Yankees, with Jose begging off as he had places to go on a Friday night. And now last night's heroics would reunite the Funk Bruthers.

Jose now leads the Mariners in home runs with six and Kenji is nipping at his heels with five. More importantly, the M's are 7-1 in games where either of these player find the bleachers, and 3-0 when they both do. Dating back to last year, the M's are 24-8 in games where either one homers.

Heck, the downfall of the M's can be traced directly to the dreadful August swoon. During the month of August last year, the Funk Bruthers combined for a single home run.

So, next time you are looking for the big bats of Adrian Beltre, Richie Sexson, Raul Ibanez or Jose Guillen to go yard, think again...

As go the Funk Bruthers, so go the M's.

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