Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Jeff Weaver opens his mouth, and essentially tells the M's brass that he should be re-inserted into the rotation.

Later that same afternoon, the juggernaut that has been the M's offense comes to a screeching halt after letting Ervin Santana off the first inning ropes.


So far, the M's are holding firm to idea that Weaver needs a rehab start or two in AAA. This is not setting well with Jeffy, though, who has never pitched a rehab assignement. The article in the Times this morning reads:
Mariners manager Mike Hargrove admits he doesn't think Weaver "will be too happy about it" but will try to talk him into pitching two minor-league games.

"He hasn't pitched competitively in three weeks," Hargrove said. "It's just to see how he'll do in different game situations."
Three weeks? Weaver hasn't pitched competitively in seven months!

Hargrove is talking politely in the media, and we'd all like to see Jeffy succeed as a Mariner, but there is no reason to even consider letting Weaver near the M's until he has proven he can get AAA hitters out.

The fact that Jeffy is whining about it in the media is amazing to me. Maybe he truly thinks he has earned the right to pitch in the majors. But he can't have it both ways. If his "injury" is the reason he sucked this year, then that level of suckitude merits a rehab start or four. If its not the reason for his injury, then he deserves to be let go for his performance, with the knowledge that he has seen his last big dollar contract.

I would think the quotes I would see from Jeffy would look more like: "Yeah, I haven't helped the team so far, but my arm wasn't right. I've got the issue taken care of, and I'm just looking forward to showing that I can help this team win. I'll do whatever the team asks, and if that means spending some time in AAA, then let me go and give the Tacoma fans a treat."

Maybe he thinks he can force the M's to release him, and then get the "Safeco Bounce" of success that has happened to so many ex-Mariners in recent years. If this is not his goal, then he should keep his mouth shut and do what the organization who is paying him $8 million asks him to do.

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