Thursday, July 13, 2006

We got robbed 

I thought we had done well, getting Travis Chick for the remains of Eddie Guardado.

That was until I saw today's trade the Reds made sending Austin Kearns, Felipe Lopez and Ryan Wagner to the Nationals for relievers Gary Majewski and Bill Bray along with middle infielders Royce Clayton and Brendan Harris and prospect Daryl Thompson.

This may hasten the end of the Eddie Guardado will close for the Reds experiment.

Seldom do you see two productive 26-year-old hitters traded for a pair of relievers.

I figure Nationals GM (and former Reds GM) Jim Bowden must have worked the political channels of the Reds perfectly, knowing all the right putdowns to put on the guys he got, and knowing exactly how to make his players appear beautiful to the Reds.

Or else he has compromising pictures of Reds ownership.

In the meantime, the Adam Jones callup is official. Unfortunately, the M's take a step back with the demotion of Choo and return of the Dobbster. No Doyle, and C-Rex remains the Mariner DH and closes in on vesting his 2007 option. I don't get that one either. Of course if Austin Kearns gets you Bill Bray, than Carl Everett would probably only get us Bobby Ayala back.

The Russian Roulette of #5 starters continues. It started when Jeff Weaver was DFA'd to be picked up by the Cardinals. The Cardinals in turn DFA'd Sidney Ponson. Ponson was now picked up by the Yankees, who recently DFA'd Shawn Chacon. Can Joel Pineiro be far behind. C'mon Bill, everybody's doing it!

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