Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trading Adam Jones? 

This blurb from Rotoworld shocked me...

The Nationals have reportedly started to scout the Mariners organization very heavily as the two teams attempt to work out a deal for Alfonso Soriano.
The Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees are also interested in trading for Soriano. National scouts were reportedly watching Mariners' outfielder Adam Jones during a recent game against the Yankees. Jul. 19 - 10:23 am et

A click on the link to the Washington Post article reveals...

In New York, Nationals scouts were specifically keeping an eye on rookie outfielder Adam Jones, just recalled from Tacoma. Jones hit .277 with 14 homers and 55 RBI in the minors and is considered the Mariners' center fielder of the future.

All I have to say, that if we are trading our future CF, then we better not just be renting Soriano, and we better have someone in mind besides Willie F Bloomquist for CF.

Last night's loss to the Yankees just #$&#^$ me off and I loved Jeff's rant at the umpire in Lookout Landing, which is so over the top that I was able to smile again. M's leading 4-2 in a freakin' downpour with lightning and thunder and the first base ump has to give away a call like that when the players are doing there best not to get hurt. What a crock!

Today, GilgaMeche! came to the rescue once again. It is seriously time to start putting together a contract offer for that kid. He is not the same player he has been, and his pricetag just keeps going up.

So now we win 2 of 6 in a roadtrip where we have lost three extra inning games, two lost by managerial indifference/incompetence and one by an umpire's brutal call (followed by managerial indifference/incompetence in the form of Julio Mateo being brought in again in extra innings).

Hard to believe that with us 5 games out and 5 under .500 that we would look to deal the kid for Soriano. I actually would love a trade for Soriano, but think that Jones should not be involved as we need him for this year. Send Choo! Heck, send Jeremy Reed! But don't send Adam Jones!

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