Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Still Feelin' Good... 

Yeah, we've lost three straight games to fall back under .500. And our manager is really really really bad. And we lost our centerfielder for the year possibly.

But I didn't watch the game yesterday. And while waiting to see the score on the ticker, I thought - "Hey, Meche is pitching, we'll probably win!" And then, of course, I saw a score of 14-6, and panicked - "Oh no, good Meche is dead again!". Gil gave up 14 runs!

Well, it wasn't as bad as that. Gil left with a lead, and it was overused Julio Mateo who coughed up the rest of an early 5-1 lead. It shows that we still need some pitching help, both in the rotation (the pitcher formerly known as Jo-el) and in the bullpen (another reliever or two besides Putz and Soriano to rely upon).

But the key thing here, is after 2 1/3 brutal years, I had a crazy thought like "Hey, Meche is pitching, we'll probably win!" If that's not a sign that the M's are back, then I don't know what is.

Its been a bad stretch of five games in this homestand, but today is another day, and with Jamie Moyer pitching, we'll be back to .500 and start reeling in the A's again. This time, we pass them.

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