Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hello Yoda! 

And goodbye C-Rex.

The Mariners continued to overhaul their roster with the long overdue move of DFA'ing Carl Everett and bringing up Chris Snelling.

"Our primary focus is to win games right now," Bavasi said. "We are a better team today with Eddie Perez, Greg Dobbs and Chris getting more at-bats in the DH spot. In addition, today's move does not preclude us from continuing to look for more offense in the trade market."

I could NOT be happier!!! The team is still just 3 games out of first, and with a win tonight, survives a tough 12-game stretch with a 6-6 record including 3 extra inning losses.

Snelling and Greg Dobbs, along with Eduardo Perez will replace Everett and maybe take some ABs away from Raul Ibanez against lefties as well, making the Mariners a much more potent offense, replacing the Wilson Valdezesque numbers put up by Mr. Everett. Now, we'll see if the lack of "veteran leadership" somehow puts the team into a tailspin, or if youthful exuberance can win the day... and the AL West!

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