Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Pepper... 

Its official, JJ Putz is the best closer in baseball. While you may debate the merits of these statistical rankings, there is no denying the emergence of the Fireman. Does Putz have a nickname - he sure needs one. Reason #1 why we won't miss Eddie Guardado.

The Reds Todd Coffey showed why they traded for Guardado. After the Reds scored 5 runs in the ninth to tie the game, Coffey promptly came in and gave up a double and a run-scoring single in the tenth to lose it. Sounds like Guardado is going to be moved right into the closer role for the Reds. High risk, but maybe they'll catch lightning in a bottle and be able to use Coffey where he was so effective early in the year. Now I just have to figure out if I try to FAAB Guardado in my NL-Only league. How much tolerance for risk do I have?

Rumor rumbling at New York Post has Yankees sending last year's savior and this year's flop Shawn Chacon to the M's for Joel Pineiro. I'd take that in a heartbeat - at least Chacon has upside.

Ichiro on YouTube, beginning with cute ad for NTT. Dude just oozes charisma.

Weekend of tennis for the Mariner Optimist. I'm playing 4.0 singles and 4.5 doubles in the Lost Creek Open, which is a small tournament at my home club. No consolation round if I lose, but consolation keg on tap is nice. I am also looking forward to watching the men at Wimbledon (go Not Federer!). Speaking of men at Wimbledon, the "Ladies" final is now being referred to as Boy Meets Man.

Last week, I went through my old cassette collection and found a number of tapes to let my kids play on their old cassette player. "Safety Dance" works for the eight and under set. The nostalgic trip down memory lane caused me to order some CDs online to get some oldies but goodies that I have missed like Boston's "Don't Look Back", a Bryan Adams greatest hit CD, REM "Green", and Van Halen's "5150". "Dreams" has been a favorite of mine ever since a fellow Rice student used that as the theme song to a commemorative videotape of Jones College first Beer-Bike win. While, I was online, I decided to get the All-American Rejects and the latest from the Houston band Blue October and both are excellent albums.

In the span of a week, my three year old has gone from clinging to the side of the pool in fear to doing somersaults underwater while swimming between his mother's legs. Kid is a natural at so many things. We are going to try him out at a tennis camp in a few weeks. He already has a better backhand than his old man. I figure if I can get him with the right training, I can gravy train onto his career and tour the world watching tennis. The three year old might be the next great American hope for tennis (sad state that it is in).

If you blog, and no one knows it, are you really blogging?

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