Saturday, July 15, 2006

Back to Back Jack 

The game last night was a nice pedestrian affair. Adam Jones made his major league debut and got a lot of action. He didn't look fantastic at the plate, but he did work a walk in his first game, so that's nice. His play in the field seemed fine, though it looked like he could have caught up to a 5th inning double that led to the Jays first run, but that he was wary of the wall and slowed just enough so it fell out of reach.

But the real story of this game to me was Gilgamesh, our Babylonian warrior who rose from the dead this year to become our staff ace. He not only started two consecutive games for the Mariners, but won them both. Can anyone tell me when the last time a pitcher started and won two consecutive games for their team (in a single season). I don't think I've ever heard of it happening, but then I can't ever recall a four day break for an All-Star Game either, so my memory may just be shoddy in this area.

Pitching on four days rest, Gil came out strong, but hit the wall HARD in the sixth as he came out with nothing on his fastball (dropping from 94 to 89 MPH) and gave up no-doubt-about-it home runs on consecutive pitches. Amazingly, Meche got through the rest of the inning with only a long flyball causing real fear, and the M's shutdown bullpen of Sherriff, Smoke, and Fire dominated the Jays. Victory!

Unfortunately, the end result of last night was that the M's gained no ground as the AL West went out and b***h slapped the AL East, and our reward this afternoon is a date with Roy Halladay. No worries, old man Moyer is on the hill and Adam Jones is due to get his first hit of the year.

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