Thursday, July 13, 2006

Adam Jones in Center 

Pretty darn exciting stuff! The M's are calling up there latest phenom in Adam Jones to man center field. I see some are a little nervous that this will be somehow bad for Adam Jones. Bleah.

If he gets platooned, or benched and rots, THAT is bad for Adam Jones. And I will be leading the pack of wolves calling for Hargrove the Horrible's lynching if that should somehow happen. (Might be worth it if it hastens the firing of Horrible).

Seeing playing time in the big leagues is a GOOD thing, and one to be hoorayed mightily. If he's not ready, he'll show it, he'll go back to the minors in a few weeks, and he will STILL be a top prospect.

If he is ready, the M's may have found a piece toward the 2006 pennant.

I don't buy this stuff that promoting a guy too aggressively will cause him to regress as a ballplayer somehow. He'll either sink or swim. If a turn in the big leagues somehow destroys a ballplayer, then he was likely NEVER going to be a big league ballplayer.

Adam Jones is a major leaguer. Enjoy!

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