Friday, June 30, 2006

5 in a Row... Redux 

Less than 2 weeks ago, over at Sportspot, I dropped my Optimist hat long enough to rail that the Mariners would never get over the Mountain by actually winning five games in a row.

The reverse psychology (in my mind at least) worked, and the Mariners were happy to prove me wrong by winning their fifth in a row. Now, just a week later, the M's have done it again, this time in dramatic fashion with two runs in the ninth to beat the DBacks 3-2.

Baseball is fun again!

The blogosphere is going nuts, and are starting to conceive of what a month ago would have been considered ludicrous:
- Adrian Beltre may finally be the hitter we signed
- Raul Ibanez' contract extension was a good idea and a bargain at that.
- The A's aren't that good, and the M's are the team to beat in the AL West

And today's coup de grace:
- Gil Meche has arrived and the Mariners should sign him to a long-term contract extension.

You know, as many times as Gil Meche has gotten my hopes up, you think I should know better. But right now, I'd be happy to give Gil a 2-year, $12M contract, and he should be happy to sign it. I don't think either will happen and some GM will probably give Meche more in free agency. And that may be for the better.

But maybe, just maybe, our solid TOR starter that we are looking for is already here.

Good times!

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