Friday, June 17, 2005

Jose Lopez Rejoins the M's 

Welcome back, Jose! He is starting at third base tonight.

Greg Dobbs gets the well-deserved boot back to AAA.

The offense gets a boost while Adrian Beltre heals up. The question becomes, then what? Does Bret Boone find his way to the bench? Does Lopez waste away on the bench or return to AAA?

Lets hope for a fast start from Lopez so that the M's are properly motivated to tenure Mr. Boone the Jon Olerud retirement plan.

In far worse news, Felix Hernandez will miss his next start with shoulder bursitis. Combine that with Jorge Campillo going on the DL and you get one big load of Oh Frickin No!

Thankfully, Joel Pineiro came through last night, so that a AAA callup is not needed this morning. Lets beat the Mets tonight, and go from there!

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