Sunday, May 22, 2005


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Well, shows what I know. I was invited to post my thoughts on how to Right the Mariners Ship on the new blog, Mariners Roundtable. Honored, I was. And so I went for the easy task and immediately called for the demotion of Aaron Sele.
To make room for Felix, say farewell to Aaron Sele, who has shown that he will not help the M’s to win a pennant.
So what does Mr. Sele do in response? Pitch a 4-hit, 1-walk shutout, for our second straight win over the Padres. I should have stuck with my first draft where I had Sele demoted to the bullpen because he obviously loved pitching from the stretch.

Congrats, Aaron on the great start. I hope that the light has come back on for you, and you can build off of this performance. Joel Pineiro returns Tuesday against the Orioles as the Mariners go for their second 3-game winning streak of the year.

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