Sunday, May 22, 2005

D'Angelo Jimenez 

Derek at USS Mariner suggests picking up D'Angelo Jimenez, who was recently waived by the Reds, and using him in place of Wilson Valdez at shortstop. Jimenez would be a good offensive upgrade over Valdez (as would my cat), but it might cost us defensively.

Unless the Reds work out a trade with someone, he is going to be available to any team that wants him in another seven days.

For the Mariners to land him, would require either a trade with the Reds, or committing to giving him the starting shortstop postion. Other intereseted teams could include the Yankees (where he was a hot prospect once) and the Cubs amongst others.

He no doubt has talent, but I don't think the M's will bite, because it would certainly reduce the infield defense. Also, Jimenez was released in large part because he showed up in camp out of shape and failed to perform for the first six weeks.

Would I acquire Jimenez if I were the GM. I'd much rather see us give the shortstop job to a hot-hitting Jose Lopez, and reward a young player for hard work, then just give the job to Jimenez. And since that is what it would likely take to sign him, I would not see successfully being able to sign him.

However, I would approve a minor deal that landed Jimenez, if the only cost would be a fringe prospect. Then, we could be free to make Jimenez a bench player, and let him earn his time at shortstop, or at second in the event Bret Boone gets traded later this year.

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