Monday, May 16, 2005

Bucky Back in 4-6 Weeks? 

Dare to dream...
Bucky Jacobsen, one of the many walking wounded in the Mariners' clubhouse yesterday, said he and team medical director Dr. Larry Pedegana were encouraged by Friday's exploratory surgery on his right knee.

Jacobsen said Pedegana found that one of the plugs inserted into his knee last September had raised from its slot, so he shaved it down to make the bone flush. Other than that, Pedegana was satisfied with how it had been healing.

"Dr. Pedegana sounded happy, so that made me happy," Jacobsen said.

Jacobsen, who is on the 60-day disabled list, hopes to return in four to six weeks.
4 to 6 weeks - by then, the M's should be back in the AL West chase, and Bucky can lead the way to catching the Angels.

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