Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Santana, Shmantana 

Get used to it. The 2005 Mariners are gonna score, even against the greatest pitchers around.

The first inning was picture perfect. Ichiro hits a single to the pitcher. Yes, to the pitcher. Unnerved pitcher (Cy Young or not) proceeds to walk rookie Jeremy Reed. In steps the first big bat in Adrian Beltre, who falls behind 1-2. The 1-2 pitch? Crushed to deep center for a 2-run double. Next comes the Freak, Richie Sexson who misses a homer with a run-scoring double.

Before you can get settled with your popcorn and soda, its 3-0 Mariners again. And that's against Brad Radke and now 2004 Cy Young winner Johan Santana.

Oh yeah, then we get to the 2004 heart of the order. Bret Boone still hasn't gotten the memo that its okay to be a stud in a supporting role, but at least he makes a "productive out," moving Sexson to third. Raul Ibanez, on the other hand, understands his role, and stroked a single to drive in Sexson and make it 4-0.

Six batters into his 2005 season, Johan Santana is sporting a 108.00 ERA courtesy of your Seattle Mariners.

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