Friday, April 01, 2005

Mariners Deal Winn 

And just like that, he is gone. In a move made to fortify our bullpen, the Mariners traded outfielder Randy Winn, new acquisition Abraham Nunez, right hander Clint Nageotte and "cash considerations" to the Pittsburgh Pirates for outfielder Craig Wilson and left handed reliever Mike Gonzalez.

"We felt that no lefty had stepped up in our pen," GM Bill Bavasi said, "so we took matters into our own hand. Gonzalez is one of the top lefties in the game, and could even close for us if something happens to Eddie (Guardado). And Craig Wilson can flat out hit."

The cash considerations is assumed to be $750,000 which is the difference between the salaries of Wilson and Winn.

The Pirates have been unhappy with their current centerfield situation for some time, and this allows them to move Tike Redman to the bench where he belongs. Daryle Ward will take over first base duties for Craig Wilson, and it is thought that Nageotte may get called up to the Pirates to take the vacant bullpen slot.

I like the move for the Mariners. Gonzalez is a premiere reliever, and he is still a year from even being arbitration eligible. Wilson hits for more pop than Winn, and provides better alternatives at first and possibly even catcher. Wilson will likely become the full time DH with Ibanez moving back to left field where he will be happier.

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