Friday, April 08, 2005

Madritsch Feeling Better 

So far, so good on Bobby Madritsch. According to the Everett Herald, the MRI on Mad Dog did not show a tear in the shoulder and the soreness in the shoulder has subsided.

Bobby is clearly not out of the woods yet, and a major problem could still be hidden, but the M's are feeling much better about Bobby's prognosis then they were on Wednesday.

Bryan Price had the following quotes from the article.

"I saw Bobby at the ballpark today and he feels worlds better than he did immediately following his departure from the game."
"If the soreness continues to subside like it did from yesterday to today, there's a possibility he wouldn't be a DL candidate. It may be that we can skip him one time through the rotation."
"Everything is pointing in the direction that there's not any extensive damage and we're hoping to avoid going through a long rehab. Over the next 48 hours, we're hoping the soreness goes away completely and that he'll start playing catch again. That will give us an idea if he's able to make a start soon or if it's going to be a more extended recovery time."

These are obviously guarded statements, but the M's have reason to hope that Madritsch won't be out long. No one will be breathing easy until Madritsch has successfully completed his next start (or two).

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