Monday, April 11, 2005

Just What the Doctor Ordered 

Ryan Franklin... wow! He was absolutely dealing today. 18 strikes in first 18 pitches, and was just sitting em down quickly. A pleasure to watch, as Ryan mixed speeds early. In the first inning, Mike Sweeney got ahold of one, and it just missed going out. After that, it was fairly smooth sailing for Ryan, until the ninth, when his second walk of the game eventually cost him the shutout and the complete game.

Fantastic outing that has cemented Ryan firmly in the rotation for the rest of April at least. Lets hope we get to see this version of Franklin again this year.

41,000+ Royal fans go home knowing that their team was completely owned by Ryan Franklin. Largest home opener crowd in Royals history. Sweet. Nice start of a long road trip for the Mariners.

By the way, the Rangers had a 6-5 lead late in the game today, and lost 7-6. I would say "how you like them apples," except it was the Angels...

And the defensive highlight of the day is this fantastic diving catch by Jeremy Reed on a Gotay liner up the middle in the second inning (look for it on ESPN Web Gems)

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