Monday, April 04, 2005

Double Knockers for Big Sex!!! 

Got to increase my Google traffic somehow... I promise this will be my last gratuitous use of Richie Sexson's name to drive pornhunter traffic to my site, where they will be sorely disappointed. In fact, I think the M's need a nickname for Richie that is not derived off of his last name.

For now, I'm gonna go with "Freak", as in... Richie Freakin' Sexson just hit two huge home runs to win the game for the Mariners today! How about that for a debut. Two on, one out, bottom of the first, first pitch... CRUSHED by the Freak!

Great start by Jamie, solid defense by everyone, bullpen showed big in Mateo, Villone and Eddie. But this game belonged to the Freak.

And now the Mariners sit atop the AL West standings, as is their birthright.

Get used to it.

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