Thursday, April 21, 2005

Blogger Ate My Homework 

Irritating... just spent 20 minutes putting together a post, only to have blogger eat it on save.

Suffice to say, this ain't 2004. Last night's game was one we would have lost a year ago and all we'd be talking about is Jeff Nelson's ineptitude, Ron Villone beaning a guy with the bases loaded, and Eddie Guardado's latest blown save and/or injury.

Instead, I feel confident with Villone as the new Arthur Rhodes. Getting a Kendall popup and Chavez strikeout with the bases loaded gets my attention.

Eddie gave up the leadoff homer to Durazo, but then settled down to have aruably his easiest 1-2-3 of the year.

Rumors of Bret Boone's demise seem premature.

Welcome to the show, Shin-Soo Choo! The M's give the rookie his first cup of coffee in a pinch hitting role, but he'll be back to stay by this time in 2006.

Chris Snelling is back in Tacoma and one week in is hitting .438.

Dan Reichert was released. I'm guessing that Dan requested it in order to find a team that might give him a shot with a big league club. He was probably 10th or 11th on the M's pitching depth chart.

And how about Wilson Valdez? That play in the seventh where he almost threw Chavez out from his backside was fun to watch. I'm officially kicking off the drive to write in Wilson Valdez for starting shortstop of the AL All Star team. You can vote up to 25 times, and I've used my first. I'm going to vote after each game in which Valdez plays well, and I encourage you to do likewise.

The M's are 8-7 and back in first place in the AL West. And the team is just starting to gel.

There was lots more, but you'll have to believe me. I swear that blogger ate my homework.

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