Friday, March 04, 2005

Quote of the Day 

This little tidbit might have been overlooked in your first pass through the PI today. Mike Hargrove that Jose Lopez could still end up as our starting shortstop.
"Lopez can force the issue at shortstop. I've been very impressed with him. If it happens, then Pokey would be a utility player. As is the case with [Felix] Hernandez, though, you can't let the short term blind you to what's best. And what's best for Lopez is what's best for the Mariners. We are all impressed that the kid can bat. We just need to see consistency of defense."
If Lopez can field shortstop adequately, the 2005 Mariners get an even more potent lineup. Plus, Pokey is already appearing fragile and will likely be unavailable for a game here and there on a regular basis. I'd rather have Pokey as a late-inning defensive replacement and part-time sub at second and short, then have Willie Bloomquist playing a lot while Pokey is out.

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