Friday, March 11, 2005

Caple on Madritsch 

Jim Caple's latest article is titled Relentless drive pushes Madritsch. It has enough information on Bulldog Bobby to make you fall in love all over again.

My favorite part was the quote from Madritsch, talking about his complete game victory 4-2 victory that knocked Oakland out of first place in September.
"The only thing that got me through that game was the fact they hit Ichiro with a pitch and it pissed me off. That got me through the last inning, because I was going to go out there and hit the first guy. I was kind of tired. I threw 135 pitches that game and had 118 after the eighth, but after Ichiro got hit, the adrenaline all came rushing back and I'm like, 'Get me out there.' I couldn't sit down. I was pacing the dugout and everyone was like, 'Sit down, sit down – relax.' Ichiro is like, 'Don't hit him because that could start a big inning.' When a veteran like him tells you something like that, you listen."
Its a beautiful time of year. Two weeks of basketball frenzy coming up to distract me from the fact that Spring Training games are meaningless, and before you know it, its Opening Day! Have a great weekend!

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