Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sickels Scouts the M's 

John Sickels has a scouting report on the Mariners up at his website. No surprises at the top with Felix, Reed and Choo grading out to A, A-, and B+ respectively. Other rankings of interest to me...

Yuniesky Betancourt ranks as the top M's shortstop and #4 prospect overall with a solid "B" rating. Sickels treats him as he would a college player with similar scouing reports. Shortstop is our position of strength with Tuiassosopo at #6, Adam Jones #12, Michael Morse #13 and Asdrubal Cabrera at #17.

Jorge Campillo comes in at #7, just behind Clint Nageotte, and well ahead of #15 Cha Seung Baek.

Higher than I had them include LHP Ryan Feierabend at #10 and OF Wladamir Balentien at #11. Justin Leone, Greg Dobbs, and Rene Rivera is nowhere to be found.

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