Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Rumors In The Air 

Sportspot has a rumor from one of the pay sites that the M's have received a trade proposal that would send them a top starting pitcher in a deal for the outfield candidate of our choice, a pitching prospect, and Jose Lopez.

The deal would apparently net us a good setup reliever in the bargain. So, for the price of, say, Winn, Nageotte, and Lopez, the M's may be able to vault themselves into frontrunner status in 2005 by adding a staff ace (someone comparable to Jason Schmidt or Tim Hudson, but not those guys) and another good reliever.

If such an offer exists, it has got to be a tough call for Bavasi. Lopez is obviously being groomed to take over second base next year, and he has All-Star potential, that may be years away. The M's may not want to make such a trade until they see how their pitching looks in the Spring.

Looking around for matching rumors finds the Arizona Republic indicating that the Diamondbacks saying a trade for a new centerfielder is imminent. At the same time, the Diamondbacks have been discussing a trade of new staff ace Javier Vazquez to the Orioles. Or maybe Brandon Webb is available in the right deal?


Could a deal sending Lopez, a pitching prospect not named Felix, and Randy Winn to the Diamondbacks for Javier Vazquez and say, Mike Koplove, be in the works?

What other possibilities might match up with an NL team sending a TOR starter to the M's? One might think that at this time, only pitchers a year or two away from free agency and with signability issues might be considered.

To the Brewers for Ben Sheets? Oooohhh that would be freakin fantastic!Unfortunately, I don't think the Brewers would deal Sheets in a deal for Lopez, as they have their middle infield covered with prospects J.J. Hardy and Richie Weeks.

Maybe to the Pirates for Kip Wells, or even Oliver Perez? This one might make sense, since the Pirates could use help both in the outfield and middle infield.

The Cubbies certainly have an opening in their outfield with the trade of Sammy Sosa, and I'm sure they'd love to hand us Carlos Zambrano or Mark Prior, right?

Don't ever say that I don't dream big! Aren't trade rumors fun?

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