Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lost in Translation 

I put up a request for translations of the Korean comics I posted yesterday over at SportSpot, and here are two translations that sound right, thanks to user skylark. I recommend heading over to Sportspot to see some of the translations that may be *slight* misinterpretations.

These cartoons are fantastic, and remind me how much I miss the work of Mike Ricigliano in the old Baseball Weekly (before USA Today butchered it into SportsWeekly with no more Ricig).

Ichiro Cartoon:
Frame 1
(Balloons frame the banner - "Ichiro Baseball Clinic")

Frame 2
Kid: Mr. Ichiro! Mr. Ichiro! How can I bat well like you?
Ichiro: Ha, Ha ... well... that's pretty easy.

Frame 3
Ichiro: Open both your eyes and look straight at the ball, focusing on it until the end, and make sure you get the ball on the bat... what do you think? Pretty simple?
Kid: Wow... yeah!

Frame 4
Ichiro: And while you are at it, if you can figure out the speed of the ball and it's trajectory as the ball leaves the pitcher's hand, you won't miss.
Kid: Ah...

Frame 5
Ichiro: On top of that, if you can feel the flight of the ball naturally in your mind, you can put the bat on the ball as easily as flowing water, right?
Kid: Ah... yes...

Frame 6
Ichiro: And, if you can discern the movement of the fielder as the ball makes contact, your odds of placing the ball where the fielders aren't greatly increases, don't you think?
Kid: Ah... Ah...

Frame 7
Ichiro: On top of that, if you are a left-handed batter, you can swing with your arms thus leaving your feet free to start running toward first base as you are swinging, giving you a head start toward first base.
Kid: Ah... Ah... Ah...

Frame 8
Ichiro: See, it's simple ~ so do it well, kid...
Kid: Ha... Ha...

Frame 9
Kid: Yes, there are things more important in life than baseball! Who cares about baseball... (laughing)

Arizona Diamondbacks preview - this one skylark claimed to have a little more difficulty with as you'll see from the first frame.

Frame 1
2004 Season Watermelon Rind Scraping Team-by-Team Summary!
(yeah... "Huh?" is right!)

Frame 2
2004 Season
Arizona D-Backs

51 Wins 111 Losses (16th... in NL, I presume)
Team BA .253 (12th)
Team HR 135 (16th)
Steals 53 (16th)
ERA 4.98 (14th)
Save % 60% (14th)
Errors 139 (16th)

Without a doubt, the NL's worst team...

Frame 3
(in white box, the Big Unit's stats)
16-14 (5th in league wins)
ERA 2.60 (2nd)
Ks 290 (1st)
WHIP 0.90 (1st)
Innings 245.2 (2nd)
K/9 innnings 10.62 (1st)
2004 NL Cy Young seems problematic...

(headlines in red-orange font) The earth's greatest weapon, the Big Unit!
(Cat's sign reads) Arizona Kindergarten BabyBell Snakes Baseball Team
(Cat says) Hey, the game is starting, so everyone be quiet!
(again in red font) Goes to Kindergarten...

Frame 4
Shea Hillenbrand (caption)The Best Arizona has to offer!

Mustached Man: 1975 Vintage, born and bred in Arizona.
Lady: Ooh, that DOES smell different..

Frame 5
Brandon Webb (caption) Lookout, I'm gonna LOSE IT!!!

Webb: I'm gonna go crazy! 20 quality starts and 7 wins? WTF?
Teammate: You're lucky you don't have 20 losses...

Frame 6
Luis Gonzalez (caption) 14 years of break-neck baseball - this year I'm getting some surgery and resting!

Teammate: What? The surgery you did was...
Luis: I've always wanted bigger eyes... (skylark Editoral: Some Koreans get surgery to get their eyelid's fixed as to give their eyes a bigger look... which is what the cartoonist is referring to)

Frame 7
Chad Tracy

Manager 1: Why the hell is he not facing the batter?
Manager 2: He did not want to be tempted by what he saw, and wanted to catch the Spirit of the ball...
(red caption) 26 Errors at 3B....

Frame 8
Matt Mantei (caption) The 2004 Arizona D-Back's great ambition went awry here...

Mantei: I'm done already....
Bob Brenly (#15) tripping over Mantei: Argh!

Frame 9
Richie Sexson (caption) ... and died here!

Bob Brenly lands in piledriver from Richie Sexson...
Sexson: Verified Kill!

M.O. note: I love the depiction that injuries to Mantei and Sexson "killed" the Diamondbacks season and caused Bob Brenly the pain of being fired.

I'll add the translations to the Dodgers and Palmeiro cartoons as I get them...

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