Friday, February 11, 2005

Linkin' Logs 

Just a few quick hits today...

Jacob Luft at SI.com is Ranking the AL Rotations. And while I have to give him props for showing stats like dERA, and not Wins and losses, I gotta smack him silly for ranking the Mariners 12th. He seems to penalize the M's heavily for playing in Safeco, yet his own published park indexes show the league is near average for home runs.

ESPN's relevance to baseball has taken another hit with the departure of John Sickels from that site. Happily, Mr. Sickels has reemerged under the same blogvelope that L43 emerged under as Lookout Landing. His new blog Minor League Ball should have everything you've looked for in the past from Sickels, with none of ESPN's overhead. Right now, Peter Gammons is all that ESPN has left.

MLB continues to flex its stupidity for the world to see. Now its trying to takeover fantasy baseball by saying that it owns the stats that fantasy sites use to run their games. Good thinking, MLB! Kill fantasy baseball! That'll keep those pesky kids away!

And it sounds like Bill Bavasi not only listens to scouts and sabermetricians, but he reads the M's blogosphere too. It should only continue to build the love that Bavasi is getting from the blogosphere. I was hoping it wasn't just coincidence that I pushed for the signing of Jeff Nelson and poof, there he was! Most of what I write here is pretty much intended for the direct consumption of Mr. Bavasi. Talk to ya later, Bill!

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