Thursday, February 24, 2005

Injury Concerns Mount 

First, its Pokey tweaking his ankle. Now, Chris Snelling is going in for an MRI. This time, on a sore knee. No word on how he injured it, but I'm assuming he hurt it while signing his one-year contract.

The chronically injured are living up to the hype. Pokey's injury sounds minor, but keeps the door open for Jose Lopez to return to the M's soon if he should go down for any long stretch of time. No details on Snelling, but when I see "Snelling" and "MRI" near each other in an article, I start thinking that its gonna be another long year for the Aussie.

I'm holding my breath that we don't hear any news along these lines about Eddie Guardado, Joel Piniero, or Richie Sexson.

In the article on Pokey's injury is a quick blurb about the M's shooting commercials. It lists who will be in ads, and one could see this as a sign of their likelihood of making the team. Players who have at least been rumored to have jobs on the line that made it into the ad campaign include Bobby Madritsch (with Moyer, not with the relievers, I might add), Ryan Franklin, Ron Villone, Shiggy Hasegawa, JJ Putz, Jeremy Reed, and Pokey Reese. Among those missing from this year's ads are Jose Lopez and Scott Spiezio.

Conspicuously absent from the Mariner casting call? You guessed it. Mr. Bucky Jacobsen. This is another bad sign that M's brass has low expectations for Bucky's playing time in the big leagues. I still hold out hope that this is just a hedge against Bucky's rehab of the knee and that as soon as he proves himself 100% healthy, he'll be getting regular playing time in Seattle. Free Bucky!

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