Monday, February 28, 2005

Bucky Rehabbing Knee 

Mariners official website has an article on Bucky Jacobsen and the pain of having to rehab his knee while others are fully functional.

Bucky is currently not doing drills, though he has been in the batting cages and he has not been ruled out of making the team out of Spring. The knee had been injured for three years, and when it was repaired back on September 16th, the damage was worse than expected.

So, Bucky's last three years of steadily improving play was all done while his knee was in bad shape. Imagine him at 100%. The sky is the limit, and Bucky can't wait to show it:
"When my knee is 100 percent, whenever that is, I will be better than ever. Nothing has been set in stone and I don't think [making the Opening Day roster] is out of the question by any means. Even if I miss the first couple of weeks of Spring Training games, the one good thing about my bat is that it can make a big impression real quick. I don't need 50 at-bats to slap a bunch of singles around."
Apparently, I'm not the only one pimping Bucky for DH on Opening Day, as mention of numerous emails on his behalf brings a smile to Bucky's face, and Bucky appreciates everyone's support. To his credit, Bucky is saying all the right things:
"I can only control what I can control. No doubt about it, I want to be in the big leagues on Opening Day. I don't care if that means starting out as a platoon DH or a guy coming off the bench in the late innings as a pinch-hitter. Those are roles I could do and think I could do well."
You probably won't see Bucky playing in Spring games until mid-March, at which point, watch out baseballs!

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