Monday, January 31, 2005

Whoa Nellie! 

The Mariners website is announcing that Jeff Nelson is close to a return to the Seattle Mariners.

Jeff Nelson may not be close to as good as he was when he was last a Mariner. He is signed to a low risk minor league contract with an NRI to Spring Training. And we have as much expectation of him making the team as we do of his workout-mate, Aaron Sele. Still, the return of this prodigal son strikes a chord in the heart of this Mariner fan.

Jeff Nelson was the most vocal Mariner in criticizing M's management for not swinging the trade deadline deals that everyone felt were necessary to put this team over the top in 2002 and 2003. Ironically, his outburst was followed the next day by what could have been an excellent deal for the M's, sending Nelson packing to the Yankees, and bringing in flamethrower Armando Benitez.

What is important about this deal, is not whether or not Jeff may ever be effective in the bullpen for the M's. To me, Nellie's return sybolizes the end of the "Mariners who cry poor" and cements in stone that the M's will now do what it takes to win a World Series. If Nellie believes in M's ownership enough to smooth things out and return, then that's good enough for me.

"Even though I have pitched for New York and Texas since leaving here, I have always been a Mariner at heart." Nelson said. A tear forms in the Mariner Optimist's eyes. Jeff truly is a Mariner at heart, and I think its great that Lincoln and Nelson can kiss and make up.

Welcome back Jeff! Now get to work on cutting down those walks and earn a spot on this team!

Sele's back. Nellie's back. Mike Cameron rumors have surfaced. Can Ken Griffey to Seattle rumors be far behind? Cue Bob Finnigan...

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