Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Odalis Returns to the Dodgers 

Well, the Dodgers found a way to spend their Adrian Beltre savings. ESPNews reports that Odalis Perez will re-sign with the Dodgers for 3 years and $24 million. The M's last reported offer was 3-year, $18 million, which as you know, I was thrilled about. To top the Dodgers probably means we would have had to venture into the $9-10 million per season range. That's 1/10th of the payroll on Odalis Perez, which is too much. So, Bavasi wisely let him go.

Meanwhile, the Times reports that Mike Cameron was a major factor in influencing Pokey Reese to come to Seattle. That is one class act.

In the article, Bavasi says "We are rolling the dice a little bit. We still have to make sure we have others capable of playing shortstop behind him, but he's never begged off playing. His injuries have been real. He comes with a great reputation as a guy who works hard and plays hard and does everything the right way."

This sure sounds like there will be another potential shortstop brought in, and that we won't be relying on Willie Bloomquist to be the backup shortstop. I sure hope I'm reading that right. Barry Larkin, anyone?

And the Reese contract looks like a good bargain. He is guaranteed $1.2 million with an additional $300,000 in performance incentives this year. We have an option to sign Pokey next year for $2.25-2.75 million.

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