Monday, January 03, 2005

2005 - Year of the Championship! 

Rams come a callin' next week in a Seahawks Home Playoff Game. You really can't ask for a better start to 2005 than that! Forget (actually wanted to insert an expletive here, but I will continue to keep it clean) 2004. Forget how the M's, Sonics and Seahawks disappointed greatly in 2004. Its a new year, and great things are afoot.

The curse that has been lain upon the heads of Seattle sports fans has been lifted. By a women's basketball team of all things.

All of a sudden, the Sonics are on top of the NBA. The Seahawks are NFC West Division Champs, and their path to the Super Bowl is wide open. The Mariners have not one, but two new bashers in their lineup.

Many of you can't fully embrace optimism after years of being beaten down by the depression of being a Seattle sports fan. So, I'm going to make predictions that will look like a HUGE leap of faith. This is what you can look forward to:

Seahawks win a playoff game!
Sonics get to Western Conference Semifinals!
Mariners in playoff hunt down to final days of season!

If you are already shaking your head, and thinking that the Optimist is insane, then stop reading right now. Its gonna get worse. If you're gonna dream, dream big I say!

I think Seattle sports is about to go on a roll of epic proportions. What is starting a trickle of optimism is soon going to produce a downpour of Championships on the Emerald City.

Down to the Rams 28-24 with a minute to play, the Seahawks drive 75 yards for the winning score on a Shaun Alexander 1-yard run as time expires. The victory brings out a brash confidence in the Seahawks, and they go on to annihilate the Eagles in Philly and the Packers in Green Bay. The AFC champs are no match for the on-fire Seahawks who bring the Lombardi Trophy to Seattle!

The city of Seattle becomes Championship hungry, and that enthusiasm is obvious at every Sonic game the rest of the year. The Sonics feed off that energy, and go on a roll all the way to the NBA Championship.

With a Super Bowl Champion and an awesome Sonic team dominating the headlines, the 2005 Mariners ride a little under the radar through June, staying a few games back of the first place Angels in the AL West. But, a week after the Sonics Championship parade, Howard Lincoln decides it is time for the Mariners to build on this Seattle sports euphoria and opens the pursestrings. King Felix is called up and dominates from day one. Bill Bavasi pulls off not one, but two deadline deals for a huge bat and another stud pitcher. The Mariners go on to win 12 in a row immediately following the trades, and never look back on their way to a 100 win season. In the playoffs, they squeak by the Red Sox in five games and then crush the Yankees in five in the ALCS, before sweeping their way to become the World Series Champions!

Enjoy the ride!

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