Sunday, December 12, 2004

Third Base Follies 

According to Larry Larue, the M's offer to Adrian Beltre sits at 5 years, $62 million, which is an average of $12.4 million per year, but does not reach the 7 year, $90 million that Scott Boras appears to be seeking, and both the M's and Dodgers are growing irritated.

And the fallback option for both teams appears to be gone. According to Peter Gammons, Corey Koskie is about to sign a 3-year, $17 million offer with the Blue Jays. No link yet.

So, you go for the big dogs, and the big dogs want the big dog money... of 2001, not 2003. Beltran is holding out for 10-year, $200 million, Beltre wants 7 years and $90 million, and out of nowhere Carlos Delgado is now asking for 4 years and $64 million.

Will we blink? Should we? Beltre seems like the best choice to blink on, as its 2 years and $28 million at risk for a 27 year old who fills a GAPING hole in the Mariners system. But the M's seem to be sticking to the same limit to 5-year contracts that they pursued last year. Last year it cost them Miguel Tejada. This year, it may cost them Adrian Beltre.

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