Sunday, December 12, 2004

Ponder This... 

While we wait with baited breath to hear the fates of Beltre, Delgado, Beltran, Drew, Clement, and Renteria, lets look at this little throwaway item from that legendary beacon of journalism, the New York Post.
There was also talk of a potential Kaz Matsui-for-Bret Boone second base swap with Seattle, though a Mariner official dismissed it.
Okay, so we know this may have been dismissed, but just for fun, would we be happy with this trade? Well, if you think Boone for one year is a bad deal, then you aren't likely to be happy with Matsui for two years.

This would give the M's a 2-year, $15 million 29 year old Kazuo Matsui for a 1-year $9 million 36 year old Bret Boone. Its not much of a cash savings, and would lock in Matsui at shortstop or second base for the next two years. Matsui struggled in his first season in America, with a 272/331/396 line, and his defense was spotty enough that the Mets were planning on moving him to second base this year. Boone, in an obviously off year, hit 251/317/423, with an 740 OPS that was a huge drop from the 901 OPS in 2003 and 950 OPS in 2001. If you believe in the every-other-year-Boonie magic, then this is a horrible idea.

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